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The Internal Bra Technique

Author: Dr Isolde Hertess 2-minute read
The Internal Bra Technique

The Internal Bra Technique

The Internal Bra Technique is popular among plastic surgeons due to its’ versatility and effectiveness on patients. Dr Hertess of Dr Hertess Plastic Surgery on the Gold Coast prides herself on her extensive knowledge and experience with a wide range of procedures. The Internal Bra Technique is a revolutionary approach to breast surgery that improves the appearance of the breast and restores volume and lift. It is also the most effective way to prevent and combat ‘bottoming out’ of implants.

The primary goal of this procedure is to amend implant position, to reinforce the inframammary fold while strengthening the lower pole of the breast. It gives more fullness and cleavage, while also preventing the occurrence of an implant bottoming out or breast ptosis. Bottoming out is a relatively common concern with patients and occurs when the implants drop low on the chest and give a sagging or deflated appearance. It is more prevalent in patients who have poor skin integrity which can be caused by genetics, significant weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding and general ageing. Patient's who have chosen large implants increase the risk of bottoming out due to the weight of the implants on the lower pole of the breasts. 

Benefits of The Internal Bra Technique

The procedure can be combined with an augmentation, reduction or lift. It is great for patient’s who are still experiencing sagging after an augmentation as it addresses weak breast tissue that struggles to hold the implants in place. Those who opt for large implants would benefits from the Internal Bra Technique to give more support.

If Dr Hertess recommends the Internal Bra Technique, you can expect to be in surgery for at least 3-4 hours. Patients are under general anaesthetic for this procedure. Duration of the surgery will change if other procedures are performed at the same time, the technique is often combined with breast revision surgery where an existing implant has become malpositioned.   

A revolutionary approach to breast surgery

The Internal Bra Technique entails supporting mesh being placed along the lower portion of the breast, which acts as scaffolding and gives greater internal support. The mesh is sutured to the lower section of the pectoral muscle and chest wall. It resembles a hammock or sling under the breast to prevent the breast from lowering, giving longevity to a patient’s surgery results. It is normal for the body to break down and absorb the mesh over 1-2 years, by this time the body has created its’ own natural version of the mesh (tissue). The time that it takes for the mesh to disintegrate will depend on the patients lifestyle and if any drastic weight change occurs. 

Recovery for this surgery usually takes approximately 3-4 weeks. In this time you will need to refrain from any strenuous activity, heavy lifting or stretching and take appropriate amount of time off from work. As this surgery is considered major, patients will need to arrange for a family member or friend to pick them up from the hospital and drive them home. At home support and care is also recommended for the first week or two. 

It is important to note that although this procedure does mirror the benefits of a push up bra, this technique is not a replacement for a bra! Patient’s still need to be wearing appropriate under garments following surgery. 

Dr Isolde Hertess

Dr Isolde Hertess