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Your Body, Your Choice - is surgery right for you?

Author: Dr Isolde Hertess 2-minute read

Cosmetic surgery is no joke, so when it comes to making this big decision, sleep on it (many times). Body dissatisfaction is common in women, and we understand that it can effect your self-esteem, however it is important to not succumb to social pressures to look a certain way. Seeking surgery to improve a relationship, heal emotional wounds or for ‘body revenge’ is not recommended. Some reports have found that people will head in for a consultation following the break down of a relationship, this is a big no! Take the time to heal before embarking on a serious journey like surgery. 

Our approach is to support our patients in their decisions, by ensuring it is the right choice for them through honest consultations, and communicating realistic expectations. We also emphasise that the decision to undergo plastic surgery should be their own, not influenced by external elements and people. 

Although it is easy to get caught up in the opinions of partners or friends and what we see on social media, surgery has to be the right thing for you. It is your body, you have to live with it, look after it and ultimately change it if you wish. 

One of the most dangerous influences is social media, it is the most unrealistic representation of a woman’s appearance. Extreme photo editing and filters have created unattainable standards. Surgery outcomes will not mirror what you see on Instagram or Tik Tok. Each and every patient is different, their anatomy and physical appearance, meaning your surgery results will not be exactly the same as those you see online. 

There are then instances where people feel guilty for considering surgery, or judged by those close to them. It’s important to remember that it is ultimately your choice, your body is yours to change. If you truly feel that plastic surgery will help you physically and mentally, then it is a positive decision already. Dr Isolde Hertess is passionate about giving women confidence and allowing them to be happy in their own skin, and we believe surgery may help do this.

Our biggest message here is that no one (apart from your surgeon) should be giving input into your surgery journey. It is personal, and only you can know if it is right for you physically, mentally and financially. 

The best thing you can do to get clarity is to book a consultation at Dr Hertess Plastic Surgery. Dr Hertess will take you through your needs and reasons for surgery, risks and what you can expect as an outcome. An important thing to note is that surgery is not a quick fix for weight loss, nor will it be perfect. Results vary with each person, but working with a surgeon that you trust and who will be compassionate along the way is vital. 

You are your own person with individual needs, goals and desires. Your body, your choice. 

Book a consultation today. If you cannot visit us in person, we do offer virtual consultations, click here to find out how. 

Dr Isolde Hertess

Dr Isolde Hertess