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What is postpartum plastic surgery

Author: Dr Isolde Hertess 2-minute read
Postpartum Cosmetic Surgery - Dr Hertess Plastic Surgery Gold Coast

Postpartum Cosmetic Surgery 

The journey of motherhood starts well before your child is born, your body goes through so many changes at every stage of pregnancy and throughout each trimester. Growing another human being inside you is an extraordinary thing for any woman to go through. Although biologically our bodies are built to do this, it does create large amounts of stress and changes on your physique. 

Your pre-baby body doesn’t always bounce back, and the term ‘bouncing back’ is actually unrealistic. It takes time, a lot of energy, vigorous exercise and strict diet to regain the figure you had prior to giving birth. We all crave looking and feeling our best, to get back into shape and fit into our favourite pair of jeans, or to feel confident in a bikini again. That’s ok! 

Once you’ve returned to your pre-pregnancy weight, your body will still look and feel different. Excess skin and sagging in areas can be evident, and no doubt you’ll notice stretch marks. Although surgery will not be able to remove the appearance of stretch marks, it can make other drastic changes to improve the tone and shape of your body. 

Also known as a Mummy Makeover, postpartum cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures at Dr Hertess Plastic Surgery Gold Coast. It primarily focuses on the breast and abdomen, combining breast surgery or breast enhancement (breast augmentation and lift or reduction) and a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). This surgery also helps with muscle repair and tissue expansion of the abdominal area, rectifying abdominal separation (diastasis of rectus abdominis muscle) that occurs during pregnancy due to the pressure on these muscles as the stomach expands.

Postpartum cosmetic surgery usually involves: 

  • BREAST SURGERY - augmentation, breast lift, augmentation with lift, reduction, reduction with lift

  • ABDOMINAL SURGERY - abdominoplasty


Who is an ideal candidate for postpartum cosmetic surgery at Dr Hertess Plastic Surgery Gold Coast?

breast enhancement surgery and abdominal surgery
It’s important to understand that a Mummy Makeover or postpartum cosmetic surgery at Dr Hertess Plastic Surgery Gold Coast is more restorative than reconstructive. Do your due diligence and research the plastic surgery side effects and risks of a this surgery. Plastic surgery types and combinations will be determined by your surgeon and your specific goals.

Can the postpartum cosmetic surgery procedures be done at the same time? 

plastic surgery side effects are important to consider


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Dr Isolde Hertess

Dr Isolde Hertess