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Surgery Recovery - why you need to wear your compression bra

Author: Dr Isolde Hertess 2-minute read
Surgery recovery - why you need to wear your compression bra!

Surgery recovery - why you need to wear your compression bra! 

Following breast surgery there are multiple steps that a patient needs to follow for a successful recovery. One of those steps includes the consistent use of a compression bra. Worn very soon after surgery, this type of bra assists in healing and maintaining desired results from the surgery. 

We know that these bras are not the most attractive bras to wear, but it is extremely important to wear them for the recommended 6-8 weeks after surgery. Dr Hertess Plastic Surgery Gold Coast will advise you on how long and when to wear your compression bra. 

Let’s look at some key components of the compression bra and why you should always wear it until your surgeon advises otherwise. 

Marena Compression Bra

  • Prevent fluid build up - by evening out the pressure across the treatment area and prevent the build up of fluids, while also helping the body absorb this extra a fluid.
  • Assists in the reduction of swelling - it helps swelling to go down faster, without a compression bra your swelling will linger longer than necessary.
  • Minimises bruising - the compression bra prevents blood flow in the area from rising to the skin’s surface, in turn it helps to minimise bruising.
  • Preventing blood clots - there are many risks involved in plastic surgery, breast surgery is no exception. One of these risks involves blood clots, blood clots can be avoided with a compression bra by improving circulation in the treatment area. Reducing the risk of any complications associated with blood clots.
  • Reduces the risk of infection - improving circulation will also speed up wound healing and reduces the risk of infection. 

  • Reduces discomfort and pain - all of these benefits of a compression bra will reduce your overall recovery time and speed up healing. By managing discomfort throughout your recovery, you will experience a more comfortable healing journey with the proper use of a compression bra. Reduce your pain and increase comfort with a compression bra, the less pain your experience as you heal the better.

  • Protect & Stabilise your new implants - immediately after surgery the breast implants will need to be kept in place for a positive aesthetic outcome. The support this bra offers will keep the implants in place, as the skin contracts and adapts to the new contours and shape of the bust. They protect and stabilise your new implants.
  • Aren’t made with underwire - these bras aren’t made with an underwire and focus on compression of the fabric to offer the support needed, adaptable and adjustable.
  • Medical grade & specifically crafted - ensure it is medical grade and is crafted for optimal support throughout the 6-8 weeks of recovery. Your surgeon will direct you on how to use your compression bra and how long you will need to be using it.

    Marena Compression Bra

Some surgeons will suggest a compression band alongside a compression bra:

Following surgery your implants may initially sit quite high on your chest, over time and as swelling subsides they will lower into position. A breast compression band can help this process and your recovery. 

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Dr Isolde Hertess

Dr Isolde Hertess